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The folks at Epic Kayaks sponsored the Amazon Express Expedition and have provided kayaks for the Volga River Expedition. The 18x sea kayak combines the racing technology made famous by the Epic surf ski's with a stable hull and storage capacity, making the perfect kayak for people who want speed and the ability to self-support over thousands of miles or flat to rough water conditions.



We've choked down way too many uber-sweet energy bars and unnaturally flavored protein bars over the years, so when we came across a bar that gave us the protein and fat that is needed to sustain us over 50 - 12 hour days of non-stop paddling we knew we found a winner in Epic Bars. Not only are they made of different meats, berries and other healthy plants, but the bars are chemical-free and use only plants and animals grown and processed with the highest ethical standards. It's a bonus that Epic Bars is located in our hometown of Austin, Texas and a double bonus that they share the name of our kayak sponsor.



One of the hardest chores is to capture quality video footage for a documentary when conducting a self-supported expedition. This is where the Yak Attack gear comes in. Luther and his staff at Yak Attack have developed specialized hardware that attaches securely to our kayaks to allow unlimited flexibilty for video cameras, such as the GoPro and AirPro Ion's we'll be using. We'll no longer be limited to whatever we can attach to a headband or handheld devices.


The Satellite Phone Store

Seann at the Satellite Phone Store supplied us with our only link to the world outside of the jungle during the Amazon Express expedition. The phones provided clear coverage and helped us provide daily blog information to our expedition manager. We're glad to have the same support along the Volga River.


Maui Jim

Anyone who has ever spent an extended period of time having even a low-light sun day reflected off the water knows the importance of quality eye protection. The folks at Maui Jim came through in spades; providing all the necessary eyewear for the team for the expedition.

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