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West and Jeff boarded their plane and took off from Moscow at 10:40 am this morning. As they were flying over Canada (we were tracking), their family headed from all points in Texas to the airport in Houston. We all arrived in plenty of time but did not factor in that the parking was going to be BAD. I think we drove around looking for parking longer than we spent in the airport.

The international terminal was very busy. Lots of people were there to greet their friends and family. Maybe this is normal but, in my mind, West and Jeff were the most important reasons for anyone to be there. Once they arrived, that was absolutely the case. The crowds around us ceased to exist and we were all giving our attention to each other. For those of you that know our family, we are very close and come together at times like this. Please make sure you take a look at our photo gallery to see pictures from their homecoming.

This will be my last blog. I would like to thank everyone that I met along the way. I have many new friends to keep up with via FB and email. This expedition was made much more efficient because of all the people that reached out to us from Russia and the continued support from several of them down the entire river. It would have been much more difficult without this additional support. I thank you!


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