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West and Jeff are back in Astrakhan after being driven there by either the daughter or grandaughter of Ilmira from Procasta and her friend, Misha. Along the way, they learned some new rap songs such as, "Look into my eyes, you will see Russian paradise".

It was about a 45 minute to an hour drive. They checked back into the Azimut Hotel along the Volga River. After checking in, they made their way to a mall to purchase duffle bags. West exclaimed, "we have a lot of stuff"! Natalia and her father, Yuri, helped West and Jeff around Astrakhan a few days ago. They, again, helped out today. They purchased bus tickets to the town of Elista for tomorrow. West says Yuri is a very interesting man. He asked West if he had ever been to the place where "McKenna's Gold" was filmed. Strangely enough, this was a topic West and Jeff discussed going downriver, as well.

After spending a day or two in Elista, they will catch a bus back to Volgograd. Stay the night there and then catch a train to Moscow. They have seen so much of the river, they are ready to see some of the countryside of Russia. In Moscow, they will visit Red Square before catching a plane home on Wednesday, June 18th.

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