Tomorrow, West and Jeff will have their final dam to cross. If you watched their past video and you saw the harrowing road crossing. they will have the same situation with some railroad tracks thrown in. Hope they video again.

They will be met by Alexei up on the dam. He has scouted it out and has determined the best place to cross, portage and get back in. He will accompany them on the down river portion on his SUP. He has sent pictures of the area for us to see what lies ahead.

Once in Volgograd, West and Jeff will shower and wash some clothes. West stated they smell of sweat and...well, you can imagine after living in these clothes for days on end. They will get a hair cut and then visit some of the sites in town, visit with some of the locals and just relax for a bit. On Sunday, they will leave for a big push to Astrakhan. That will be their last big city before pushing on to the Caspian Sea.