Day 46

The team is experiencing some absolutely gorgeous views along the Volga River. Today, they saw gigantic cliffs made up of limestone and sandstone. I questioned whether it might be chalk as they experienced previously at the resort and West there was probably some chalk sites, as well. He said it reminded him of Big Bend National Park in Texas. About a mile and a half below Saratov, they saw a large replica of a Mig-Jet up on a pedastal on top of a cliff. Yuri Gagarin was the first person in space and this was in honor of him.

The weather this morning was rainy with some wind. Breakfast was in the tent. By mid-day, the sun had come out and wind had died down.

This morning, as the team took off, they were approached by a large cabin cruiser. Aboard was Zema (spelled incorrectly). This was the gentleman with his wife and son they encountered on the beach a couple of days ago. The other day, they had lunch with them. Well, he was with a friend and wanted to see how West and Jeff were getting along. He said he had been following on the website. He offered them some fish, which was declined due to not having anywhere to keep it. Then, Zema offered them some Cuban cigars. He had recently come back from a fishing trip in Cuba. Of course, West accepted.

Last night, they spent some time talking with the owner of the land where they were camping. Very nice rancher. He raises cattle. Viktor spoke great English and, also, offered the guys some fish. West said it is suedoc fish (again, mispelled). Viktor, as well as just about every person they have encountered, was very friendly and welcoming.

West and Jeff only have one Snickers bar left and no sausage. It is with the utmost importance that they get to Volgograd quickly to resupply. West says they are in desperate times. Stay tuned...