Riding the Bank

May 15, 2014

The day started with low wind, then it picked up.  As they paddled along, they hugged the bank due to the high winds.  At the end of the day, the winds died down, they crossed over the river and camped on the other side, out of the wind.  Tomorrow, winds will be significantly lower so we should see some strong movement out of the guys.  We are creeping up on the halfway point.  We are 32 days into the expedition.


They will be stopping overnight in Olyanovsk.  We are working on getting our contacts lined up, thanks to Stas from Rybinsk.  Man, these guys know everyone down river.  It's truly amazing!


It's always nice to find out about each of the people that support our team.  I found out that Alexander (Cheboksary) has an 11-year old daughter just like me!  She is cute, with long hair just like my daughter, Lauran.  Her name is Sasha.  In addition, I found out that Alexander just completed his second degree and is set to graduate in a few days.  His second degree is in physical culture.  A huge congratulations to Alexander!  That's quite an accomplishment.





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