Day 31

May 14, 2014

When the wind speed and gusts are more than the miles you paddled, you know it was a wild day.  The average miles per hour today were 1.5 to 2.  Winds gusts were 28 mph, sustained at 19 blowing straight into their face.  Wowza  I'm sure the boy's slept great last night.  One more day of the big winds and then they die down to 4-5 mph with it pushing them down river.  Hopefully, it will give them some down time.


Despite the high, challenging winds, the weather was great.  They passed some very nice, non-drunk fisherman, and other folks along the way.  There is more river traffic as they move on.  People are very friendly and wave at the team as they paddle by.


They stopped paddling at 3:00 p.m.  Hopefully, they got a lot of rest and will get an early start.




p.s.  Make sure to check out all the new photos courtesy of Alexander Kochkin and his family.

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