A Waiting Game

May 9, 2014

West and Jeff paddled 46.2 miles today.  It is the most beautiful section of the river they have paddled, thus far.  It was green and lush.  West said the grass looked like a putting green with rolling hills.  There were less people on the section, in the beginning, but as they got closer to Cheboksary, people were camping and BBQ-ing in anticipation of Victory Day.  They only spotted one Speedo but most people were not in swimsuits due to the colder weather.  They are seeing more cruise ships up and down the river.


We had our friends in place in Cheboksary awaiting the arrival of West and Jeff.  Unfortunately, they were not able to paddle the last 13 miles today.  They are camped out on an island and will start again first thing in the morning. We appreciate our newfound friends going to extra mile to greet our team.  Alexander, Natasha and their families, hopefully, will meet the team tomorrow.  West and Jeff will spend the night in Cheboksary, get their mailed supplies and enjoy the festivities, among other things.



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