Friendship Offering

April 28, 2014

This morning, the team took their time to resupply.  They ate a great breakfast at the hotel, stocked up on lip balm, sunscreen and reading glasses for Jeff.  They re-charged their batteries and headed out around 11:00 (Russian-time).  Before leaving, Misha (from the hotel), brought them two Kulich.  According the Google, for those of you that don't know, Kulich is:


"Russian kulich is a sweet yeast-risen bread typically served at Easter. It just wouldn't be Easter Sunday in Russia without a piece of this tall, cylindrical bread that has been blessed by the parish priest. Another standby for Easter is paskha, a sweet molded cheese dessert that is often spread on a slice of kulich. Kulich is a cross between a bread and a cake with a slightly sweet crumb. As with most foods, the recipe varies from family to family. But it usually has raisins, nuts and candied citrus rind. You'll need a 2-pound coffee can or kulich pan to bake it in. "


Stanislav has provided me with a contact in Yaroslavl and I am waiting for her response.  In addition, he offered a home in a small town where the team can stay overnight, tonight, if necessary.  Our team's welcome, to Russia, continues to be overwhelmingly favorable.  Please check out the websites of all of our hosts and let them know we appreciate their help.



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