Goal: Rybinsk

April 27, 2014

Today's goal (Sunday) is Rybinsk.  The team will (hopefully) be met by Stanislov in Rybinsk.  He is a kayaker and reached out to meet the team when they arrive.  In Rybinsk, they will re-supply water.  Friday, West walked about 2 miles into a group of houses looking for a store for a water supply.  Eventually, he found a market but it was closed.  He went to the house next door and woman there sold them some water from the closed market.  Unfortunately, it was "fizzy" water.  So, temporarily, they are mixing fizzy water with their SPAZ (Spiz and Starbucks Via coffee) to which they have renamed, Spazzy.  Oh, these boys are quite the cut-ups.  I'd love to hear a recording the entire way downriver during these expeditions.


They have settled into a routine.  Paddling about 11-12 hours a day.  Weather is still pretty cold.  The passed the dam in Uglich, which was a little challenging but the town was beautiful.


Lunch each day is a mix of tuna and EPIC BARS.  They love these bars because they taste great, the packages are biodegradable AND they are waterproof packages.  While everything else is wet, these wrappers have protected the bars and are completely dry.  These are produced right there in Austin, Texas.  Check out their website, try a bar and get hooked!



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