April 23, 2014

If you are following the Spot Tracker, you may have zoomed in and saw the team take a slight detour.  They were attempting to take the shortcut through these channels.  Well, that shortcut netted them +2 hours of time.  The water was about 6 inches deep and, when they got out of their boat, they sank into mud, waist-deep.  Oops...that wasn't supposed to happen.


Weather is sunny, very very windy creating large waves and a very strong headwind.  As they were finishing up for the day, the wind was behind their back so you could see they were moving faster.  The wind and sun are helping to dry out their clothes and gear (rained yesterday) but it still remains muddy.


They are using their 3-season tent vs. the 4-season tent because it breathes more.  There isn't any rain today and that helps.  They also saw their first cows today.  They found that a little strange because it appears they are paddling through farming land.  West is taking pictures of every church they come to because they continue to be beautiful and amazing structures out, in what appears to be, nowhere.


Tomorrow, they will be portaging a dam early in the day.  Once they are past that dam, the river narrows significantly.  They are eagerly awaiting that because of the huge size of the lake they are traveling through right now.  They won't be stopping in Dubna but will continue on.  Their next major resupply stop will be in Rybinsk.  We are making contacts there that will, hopefully, be able to assist the team.



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