45 Miles and counting

April 17, 2014

The team paddled 45 miles today.  The river is great, wide open, and flowing.  They got a late start (10:40 am) because the sun was out (finally!) and they wanted to dry out the clothes and gear.  West said it was nice to finally wear some semi-dry clothes.


The weather forecast calls for sunny skies and warmer weather for the next 5 days or so.  He was thrilled to hear that news.  It was a very pleasant day.  The scenery is very tranquil and quiet.  There isn't any noise from roads, cars, planes, trains, etc.  It was extremely peaceful.  Very beautiful and serene.  It is very green, such as Spring in East Texas is.  There is still a little ice along the edge of the river but everywhere else, it's melted.


They have not stopped in any towns, as of yet.  Today, they didn't even pass a town, that they remember.  They passed fisherman every so often and, like on the Amazon River, they did not wave, smile, acknowledge them or communicate in any way.  The area they are in is very desolate.  Today is the first day they had to pump water.  They will, most likely, venture into the next town they come to in search of some drinking water.  The river is beautiful and there isn't any trash, anywhere.


The Spot Tracker seems to back up and running so tomorrow we'll be able to monitor them a little better.  West was excited to hear about baby boy Binion being born on his birthday.  Congrats to the Binions!



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