April 13, 2014

After a year and a half of planning, we are finally launching the first expedition to paddle the entire 2300 mile (3700 km) length of Europe's longest river from it's source in the Valdai Hills, northwest of Moscow, Russia to it's mouth at the Caspian Sea. White water kayaker, Egor Voskoboynikov has given us a ride from Moscow to the Volga River head waters and leaving us to make our way through this truly beautiful country.  Jeff Wueste and I are self-supported and heavy laden with gear and food. We only hope the thousands of miles we experienced paddling down the Amazon River in 2012 taught us a few things. It certainly feels good to get back to earth and experience life at a more natural pace. 

We'll be taking video and pictures throughout the expedition, which we hope to take 50 days or so, with plans on a documentary about the region and our adventures during this first kayaking descent. Please check in now and then to monitor our progress via global transponders in the link found at the bottom in the right hand column of the home page. As web access comes available, we'll upload pictures and video to this website, otherwise the expedition manager, my sister, Barbara will be updating this blog following our daily check in calls.

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